Monday, November 28, 2016


This anthology with more than 20 contributors from a variety of authors has something to please for every fan.  Editor and contributor Gerald Hausman introduces the anthology with a brief history of GUNS.  Stories range in tone from The Momaday Gun by Pulitzer Prize-winning author N. Scott Momaday, to Choice of Weapons by New York Times bestselling author Jane Lindskold.
There is a spiritual history of firearms as well as a historical one.
The truth is, they have been with us for a very long time. Every family has a gun story, a firearm anecdote that bares the bones of the oldest argument there is—the one about the plain old cussedness of the human race. In this unusual and varied collection of tales written by masters of the word, we begin with America's legendary past—with the pirate Blackbeard and the gunslinger Billy the Kid, followed by Teddy Roosevelt and moving forward in time to Andy Warhol. Here are stories that will shock and bewilder.

Front Cover Reads as Follows: 

N. Scott Momaday
Hilary Hemingway
Jeff Lindsay
Trent Zelazny
Jane Lindskold
Aram Saroyan
Jan Wiener

Stories of bravery and murder, stories of love, betrayal and suicide.

Sometimes it seems that the gun is doing the talking—not for itself—but for all of us.

Edited by
Gerald Hausman