Monday, July 28, 2014

New affordable paperback of The Day the Leash Gave Way and Other Stories

Look for it soon. A new affordable paperback edition, with a new introduction and two additional stories from my reprehensible vault.

Yes, it has been five years since this collection was released, and since then a LOT has happened in my life. I shall post the introduction below. And yes, this is also in minor anticipation of a new short story collection which should be coming out (from what I understand, and hope) early next year, but that's for another time.

Of course you can STILL buy The Daythe Leash Gave Way and Other Stories in hardcover, trade paperback and kindle, and I don't see that edition going away any time soon. The new paperback, however, has this groovy new cover by Bryce Pearson, and includes two ancient stories, "The Ten-In-One" and "Chicken Strips." It will also be available for the rooting'-tootin' low price of $7.99.

Anyway, here is the intro to the new edition. Make of it what you will:


     Well, a lot has happened in the five years since this collection came out, but I don’t intend to bore you with much of it.  I mean, this is just a mere introduction to a collection of short stories, and so in keeping with the original theme of the book (a collection of “short” stories), I would also very much like to keep this preface succinct.
     The tales within these pages are really little more than a time capsule, a snapshot of a writer just getting started.  They are some of my early pieces, some of the very first stories I ever wrote that somehow managed to get published.  Some of them are good, some of them are okay, and (I’ll be honest here) some of them are dreadful.  What they all are, however, is proof that, if you want to accomplish anything in your life, you’ve got to start somewhere.
     Since the original release of this collection in 2009, I: became an alcoholic, know what it’s like to be in jail, lost a fiancĂ© to suicide, attempted suicide myself and damn near succeeded, spent three days in one of the top five worst crises centers in the country, slept in alleys in Tampa, Florida, had someone offer to buy me a $20 hooker, lost other friends to both suicide and disease, changed my mind about wanting to die, realized I was going to die if I didn’t stop drinking, managed to get myself into rehab, successfully quit drinking, pat myself on the back from time to time for closing in on five years of sobriety, met the woman of my dreams, got a dog, continue battling to get out of my father’s shadow, manage to make most of my living by making stuff up and writing it down, haven’t found religion but have found joy… I’m sure some other stuff happened, too.
     Anyway, I was a very different person when I wrote the stories collected here.  The way I see the world now is vastly different from how I saw it then.  I’ve gotten much better, both as a writer and as a person (at least I hope), but these stories mark a period in my life.  A period I will never forget, and don’t mind sharing with anyone who feels like having a look-see.  Hell, for this edition I’ve even allowed a couple extra early tales that are not in the hardcover, trade paperback or ebook version.
     Why?  Because, as I said, these stories mark a point of my life.  A good point or bad point?—Yes, both.
     I will reiterate one thing and then let you get on with it.  Some of the stories collected here are good, some of them range from decent to meh, while others are simply atrocious.  But if you want to do anything in life, you have to start somewhere.  To hell with shame.  You’ll never accomplish shit if you don’t even bother to try.  This edition (and me with the audacity to include a couple of stories that didn’t originally make the cut), while I hope you enjoy it (and, really, there’s plenty to like, I think), I hope it can also help illustrate the mere fact that if you wanna do anything in life, you have to start somewhere.
     Happy reading.
     Thank you, and enjoy the buffet.


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