Friday, December 20, 2013

Woopty freaking doo

I write this out of part anger, but moreso out of being proud of myself:

About 99% of what I've accomplished, I've done going against odds. Being related and having my last name has been a road block for me, not an open road. I don't (or very rarely) write science fiction/fantasy. I think only once have I used a connection that remained from my father's day; but I knew almost nobody in the business, and those few I did know, I never asked favors of, I never kissed anyone's ass.

I just write what I wanna write. I've gotten offers (bigger offers) to write SF&F, or to do spin-offs of my father's work, but always said no with two exceptions, and the only two times I said yes, I got fucked out of thousands of dollars.

I've written under other names, but a part of me thought, Why the hell should I bother doing this? I mean, I'm me, and I'm my own self; I write the stuff I wanna write, and I want credit for the stuff I write, good or bad. I have very little connection to my father's estate, and only have a fraction of a percent of the connections my father had, and even those connections are, for the most part, useless.

People have attempted to use me over and over again, with promises about doing this or that with my own work, solely in hopes of obtaining property of my father's ("Listen, do you want to be president of Texaco oil?" "Sure!" "Then clean up the sink in there." "And then I'll be president of Texaco oil?"). Not every time, but almost every time, it comes up. But while on one hand I'm tired and fed up with being tied to the Zelazny name in my professional life, I also don't wanna go out and pretend to be somebody I'm not. People pay me to lie, but I want to lie with honesty.

How many authors have the last name King? Right, so there just happens to be more than one author with the last name Zelazny. Woopty freaking doo.


  1. I'm also, apparently, not a big fan of blogging.

  2. Want to try your hand at Gothic Horror? I am going to teach you my storm menace delivery if your game. April published your dad -- let's break in her kids. There is one Pacione doing horror, science fiction and dark nonfiction sometimes a metafictional horror story here and there, but doing dark nonfiction I caused a lot of waves. One of my traits -- I use real haunted places for fictional settings. I wrote as my step-father's last name on a few stories but I get confused for that asshole Ramsey. A Pacione and a Derleth published a Zelazny,. I had no idea you were Rog's kid until later on. The funny thing with this -- April called me the hybrid of her father and Lovecraft. I am going to show you one of my recent things from as I started writing up my nightmares again too. I actually can actually play up traits of my contemporaries as well as my influences which playing up my contemporaries is something I did to keep from finding horror being too easy for me -- this is one of them, 21 Days. I actually got a brand new readership in the recent years -- drop me an e-mail and I will get you the link, I think they'd get a kick out of you. If you want in on the ensemble line up man -- drop Tabetha Jones a message on facebook, the notes about this on my blog -- I never did an anthology myself where everyone was all my age bracket or within that range. I will teach you some of my techniques to do the archaic style, sort of play up the Lovecraftian traits a bit funnier. I think what I might have you try for Tabby is your hand at dystopic alternate history (1990s) where the rosters and authors of our generation were aware of each other when we were teenagers. The reason I was able to pull off Kealan Patrick Burke's quiet delivery is I was doing that delivery as a science fiction author. This anthology -- is Issue 10's evil twin. Same size page count, an introduction about 4 pages, a TOC, and author bios. This thing is going to be sent along with my buddy -- Nikk "Skum" Dibs and to the Mancow show in Chicago.