Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wow! Too damn long...!

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here. So much to share, and yet I'm so tired right now. Maybe I should wait another few months...

Eh, I'll give it a shot. Why not? But I'm not promising anything, like coherence. I'm gonna go with what is simplest at the moment--a kind of list. Okay.

Let's see... Since we last spoke (no, technically we did not speak, but whatever) I signed a contract with Evil Jester Press for my novel Voiceless, which is tentatively scheduled for a May 2014 release. I love the folks at Evil Jester, and am so thrilled to get the chance to work with them. Check out their books. Do it! DO IT NOW!!!

On September 20 my novelette People Person came out from Black Curtain Press as an ebook single, basically. I wrote it in one sitting, but am quite proud of it, to tell you the truth. Had no idea I could write that much, that well (reasonably) in such a short amount of time. It's available now. I'd love it if you picked up (or downloaded) a copy, and reviews are always good. So, thanking you in advance.

Next, hmm... let's see here... Oh, yeah. Too Late to Call Texas has been reissued in paperback and electronic format. The typos have been cleaned up (mostly, anyway), and there is a great introduction by suspense master Billie Sue Mosiman, as well as mind-boggling new cover art by the super talented Gary McCluskey. Like People Person, thanking you in advance :)

Also, my short story "The Rag-End of Dreams" is now out in the collection Nightscapes: Vol 1, edited by two other folks I love, Robert S. Wilson and Jennifer Wilson. Like the other books mentioned before this one, thank you in advance, only this time 23 other authors thank you as well. I don't have my copy yet, but really can't wait to read it. A lot of people I respect and admire in this baby, and I'm thrilled and honored to be in their company.

On a non-writing, personal note, I now have a girlfriend.
Yes, and she's real, not inflatable like the last few. Her name is Laurel and she is amazing, and actually seems to get and understand the insanity that comes with dating writers, for she herself is a writer. I'll keep it simple but since I met her, life has been great in ways I never knew, or haven't known in a long time, and I feel lucky as hell that she agreed to join forces with me. I wasn't 100% sure I even understood what happiness was anymore, but with Laurel, I know it, I remember, and I feel it. I'm one damn lucky son of a bitch.
I would post a picture of her but... wait, I just received permission it's okay to do so. So here is the woman I'm so blessed to be in cahoots with. Laurel, and her adorable little Banjo :)

I don't believe in posting pictures of people without their permission.
That is, if I actually know them.

Lastly, Neil Gaiman and his lovely wife Amanda Palmer came to town to do a charity event. I'm sure neither of them reads my blog (I barely look at it), but thank you guys for coming out and doing what you did, and doing it for two very good causes here in Santa Fe.

After the event, Amanda went home, feeling a bit under the weather, as Neil still had gazillions of books to sign. I agreed to give him a lift after he had sufficiently cramped his hand, which was great,as we hadn't seen each other in a couple years, and while tired, we got to catch up at least a little bit. Laurel joined us on the ride and I promptly missed our exit, then drove us I don't fucking know where. So, the three of us got semi lost in the New Mexico desert for a little while, but it was a great time (as well as being around midnight). In this time, however, being a fan and friend, as well as a fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, I did my best to convince him he should make an appearance. Did I convince him enough? Guess we'll see. I then considered writing the episode, but again, we'll see. I've too many other things going on at the moment, and Neil always has too many things going on at the moment.

So, yeah, I have the sniffles, and I'm up later than I should be. I'm gonna turn in, but consider some of the things above. Have a great night or day or whenever it is after you read this. I'll try to do a better job of doing this whole crazy blogging thing.


  1. 1) I'm so very happy that things are going so well for you -- it definitely warms my heart and I hope it lasts for a very long time!

    2) Thanks for the Nightscapes: Volume 1 love =) So excited to have been able to work with you (again! yay) and all the amazing authors on that one!

  2. Blurb for you man from back in the day

    "I've seen Trent grow from 2005 and had watched his career off and on as both a writer and a publisher -- (April) Derleth and I have this in common, we both published a Zelazny. I've seen him from Issue One and Issue 3 -- he's someone you really don't want to leave in a dark alley...he will get in your head. I played up The Room Mate like Trent with his humor, being I am a science fiction writer off and on. I played up my science fiction traits for the weird humor here. Trent I fucking salute you man.."

    ~ Nickolausv A. Pacione, The Ethereal Gazette and Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors.