Saturday, June 1, 2013

The contest has changed

Okay, the contest has completely changed.

Starting now, through the end of June.

Have you read a TZ book but not posted a review? Today through the 1st of July, leave a review of any TZ book on Amazon, B&N, etc., post the review on Trent Zelazny -- The Writer in Ward Eleven, and be automatically entered to win one of the following:

One TZ kindle book of your choice.

A signed paperback copy of The Day the Leash Gave Way and Other Stories, as well as a cheaply made Butterfly Potion magnet.

A signed copy of my play Not Any Little Girl.

A misprinted copy of Destination Unknown (signed or unsigned) where the book opens on page 145 and goes to 150, then starts at the beginning.

A first edition copy of my father's book Roadmarks.

An unsigned copy of POEMS but my father. Includes Braxa, Brahman Trimurti, and 10 others. Limited to 1,000 copies. Small press pamphlet for Discon II. Wonderful illustrations by Jack Gaughan.

NOTE: All prizes include a Destination Unknown postcard.

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  1. What was it like growing up with Roger as your father? I never realized you were his son when you submitted to The Ethereal Gazette's maiden issue. If you want to make your debut as an anthology editor, the doors of my company are open to you.