Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shadows and Reflections: A tribute to Roger Zelazny

Shadows and Reflections: A tribute to Roger Zelazny Edited by Trent Zelazny and Warren Lapine

Shadows and Reflections is a tribute to the fiction of Roger Zelazny. We are looking for stories set in any of the various universes that Zelazny created in his short stories and novels, with the exception of the Amber universe. As you probably know, Zelazny’s work covered a very wide range of genre fiction so we are open to most genres. The only limiting factor is that a story must either use one or more of Zelazny’s characters or be expressly set in one of his milieus. Zelazny was one of the most literate and inventive writers that genre fiction has ever known. Your Story submission should reflect that.

Length: up to 10,000 words.

Payment: 5 cents per word for unsolicited stories max $250.00 and 10 cents per word for solicited stories max $500.00 on acceptance. (Note unsolicited subs are contingent upon our hitting our primary Indiegogo goal and may increase to the same amount as the solicited stories if we hit our secondary Indiegogo goal.

Submissions: Stories should be e-mailed to shadowsandreflectionsanthology@yahoo.com

Trent Zelazny is a Nightmare Award winning author and the son of Roger  Zelazny. Warren Lapine is the publisher of Wilder Publications and has been nominated for a Hugo Award, a World Fantasy Award, and a Chesley Award.

Roger Zelazny was very important to both Trent and Warren. Trent for obviouse reasons and Warren because it was the work of Roger Zelazny that first made him gravitate towards a career in publishing. With this anthology we are hoping to keep the memory of Roger Zelazny and his wonderful work alive.

At first we had considered doing this project as a short anthology featuring stories form Roger’s better known friends. Both Trent and Warren really wanted to let other, lesser known writers who were influenced by Roger participate as well as fans who aren’t writers. That desire lead to this Indiegogo campaign. If we reach our primary goal of $10,000.00 we will open the anthology up to unsolicited submissions. If we reach our secondary goal of $15,000.00 we will pay the unsolicited writers the same rate that we are paying for solicited stories. If we hit our third goal of $20,000.00 the anthology will come out not just in trade paper back and as an e-book, but also in hard cover. So please join us and help celibrate the memory of Roger Zelazny and all the amazing universes he created and get some cool perks.

Even if you can't contrubte you can help by helping us get the word out and sharing the link to our indiegogog page. Thanks Everyone for helping us make this dream happen and for allowing us to let more people in on it.


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