Saturday, November 3, 2012

SCIENCE FICTION LAND {A Stranger Than Fiction Doc}

Greetings from (ecstatic) SCIENCE FICTION LAND! Wow! Did this really happen? Fact or fiction? Reality or imagination?

The truth is, you made our dream come true! 

We’re humbled and grateful for your generosity and support for our project. Beyond pledges, our backers have inspired us with their enthusiasm and passion for this project. Thank you!
So...with 12 hours still to go, let’s keep going! We’ve created a stretch goal of $60,000! Our $50k goal was the minimum we needed to finish the documentary - and we achieved that thanks to almost 700 people from around the world! We know it is ambitious, but everything about this story is over the top - so let’s go for it! This amount will help us finish to promote and publicize the film and help cover the costs of DVD, prints, and festival submissions, which are considerable. These steps will enable us to share SCIENCE FICTION LAND with a wider audience.

We still have 27 first edition copies of Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny donated by Trent Zelazny. And we also have copies of Michael Hearst/One Ring Zero’s phenomenal album, As Smart As We Are (The Author Project). These go to backers who pledge or increase $25 or more. Let people know about these awesome rewards and help us get to our new goal!

Have we mentioned that we have the best backers in the world? We do! We were happy to have so many great backers in the UK. We leave you with a video made by one of our UK comrades, Ravi Kumar. Thanks to Ravi for all of your support and for sharing this video with us!
Most of all, thank you to each and every one of our backers. You made this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Science Fiction Land Team

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