Friday, November 2, 2012


I'm meeting today with the editor of the SF Reporter. I hope it goes well. Honestly, I've lost a lot of interest in even bothering, be it in a positive or a negative way. I'm still doing it, though it won't be the conversation it could have been. And yes, it's mostly because of the sociopath comment. While that is not the editor I'm meeting with (the editor I'm meeting with has been nothing but kind and courteous), that personal attack comment really said a lot about someone who is a supposed professional, and that someone is affiliated with this paper. I never mentioned any names, and I don't believe I singled anyone out and called them names.

Pointing out you don't like a paper (giving an opinion), which, other than ads, is primarily an opinion paper, and being personally called a sociopath by one of its editors for it (that editor should look up what the word means, and should also understand that artists of any ilk are typically eccentric and weird) is, well... it tells me the likelihood of this meeting doing anything for anyone is very slim.

But, as I said, the editor I'm meeting with has been nothing but kind from the get-go. If nothing else, maybe there will be an enjoyable cup of coffee or something.

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