Monday, September 10, 2012


Lori rated it 5 of 5 stars

Trent Zelazny writes dark, and that's okay with me. As a matter of fact, when I finished the last page of "Too Late to Call Texas," I sat there and wept for a good long while. And it wasn't one of those sweet, dab-your-eyes-with-a-hanky cries either. It was good, hard sobs, snot and sorrow. Still, I can honestly say I enjoyed reading every word.

Trent dredges up those rock-bottom moments in life that bring us all to our knees, then he pours emotional salt into the wounds until all a person can do is cry. You might have nothing in common with his protagonist, Carson. You probably don't. But you'll feel his pain and you'll feel the futility that can make a man take desperate chances. And you'll think "Man, this guy can't catch a break" and remember how many times you've been right there yourself. And his wife, Brittany, bears a lot of the same battle scars from a life lived paycheck-to-paycheck, disappointment-to-despair. You'll feel her pain, too. Trent does that -- he draws his characters so clearly, so painfully honestly, that anyone will find something that makes their own heart-of-hearts ache.

Trent is relatively young, and I predict he'll be turning out more and more high-quality, dark-as-pitch stories in the future. And if he doesn't, why, that would just break my heart.

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