Friday, September 21, 2012

Help to Promote Too Late to Call Texas

From master wordsmith Peter Giglio:

Trent Zelazny is easily one of my favorite new writers. His work shines bright in the dark corners he explores, but this is a tough market. Trent's looking to take his new release to the next level, and I only wish I was rich and had a bunch of time on my hands, because then I'd take this champ to the big fight and be Mickey to his Rocky. Now, I know money doesn't grow on trees -- authors need no reminder of that -- but please consider Trent's campaign. Many of you, I know, love his work, too, and if you think he deserves a wider market, vote with your wallet. Time to click on the link and let Trent take over. Thanks for your consideration. Cheers!

You can click on the cover to read more about it.

Not everything there is donations of money. A smidge of time, a quick mention, anything and everything is welcome and appreciated.