Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be grateful, not a douchebag.

To all writers when you do a signing somewhere: If it does not go well. If no one shows up, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, take out your frustrations on the bookstore. They work hard enough, and when you come in to do a signing, they are working extra hard, and they are genuinely pleased that you are there. The more people the better, more books sell. You win, the bookstore wins. But this does not always happen. I'm writing this because a good friend of mine who happens to own a bookstore here, which is the store I prefer to spend my money at and, when promoting, prefer to do readings and signings at, just got shit for this reason. She just had a local author tell her that she's unprofessional and childish, and that her business is going to fail because no one came to her reading, and then continued to verbally abuse her.

It is not my friend's fault. It is not any bookstore owner's fault. These things happen. I don't know this writer personally, though I know who it is. I've watched very big names sell between 0 and 1 books at a signing. Doing a signing does NOT MAKE YOU A GOD. Be appreciative that the store welcomes you, that they're putting in extra work to try and help you, and allowing you to hold a promotional event in their store.

Be grateful, not a douchebag.

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