Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a shocker

As I'm broke as fuck and there is absolutely no work available to me here, I'm doing what I can to get by. Being a writer doesn't make you a millionaire, while at times it serves you fine. It is not serving me fine at the moment, almost to the point where I considered auctioning off some prized possessions, things of mine and things that were my father's. But I've decided against that for the moment. So, for all the good it'll actually do, I've opened two shops at Cafe Press, where you can buy goofy stuff sporting either Fractal Despondency or To Sleep Gently. The shit's expensive, but what can ya do? Also, as always, I have the little donate button on here, for all the good that will likely do. This is no one's fault (no, not even my own, I don't think), it's just the way it is.

This is also another opportunity to not sound like a douche but please stop asking me for free copies of my books. This kind of situation might happen a bit less if you just bought them.

Fractal Despondency Store

To Sleep Gently Store


  1. Do you own copyright on those awesome girls holding and otherwise adoring your books? Those would SELL :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's real hard, esp. as Cafepress and all the others have such high prices. And yeah, the only people who'll buy them are fans, so a limited market... for now. Whcih is when you need the money. I think ultimately these things are more valuable as promo items than moneymakers per se.

      It seems to me that your medium- to long-term career prospects are real good, since you're prolific in a genre that's much more widely read than SF or F. The more I look at and think about self-publishing, the more I see that it's about production, about having new stuff for your fans as fast as you can: that really builds a following, as Kris Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith often suggest on their excellent blogs. Those of us who write long fiction and self-publish have a bigger problem because of our infrequent publications; though my nonfiction book is selling nicely in the UK, I have nothing else to offer my readers, and won't for a while, intervals of over a year. Sheesh.

      The problem is survival as things build, and until you're 'discovered' bigtime. It will happen. And you're really good at self-promotion. In the meantime, I'd try to get as many different designs and options (within reason) in the CafePress store. Sometimes people just want to buy something, to support, and though they might not be able to afford $30, $9.99.

      Just hang in there man, and keep writing. You're gonna make it.

  3. At times, I've even kidded a bit with the idea of wondering what I could get for some of my father's award statues. That's how screwed I truly am quite a bit of the time. I know I never would, but I can't help wondering sometimes.

    1. I hear you, man; and probably nothing like what they're worth. We've been truly desperate some of the last 5 years, and are only getting back on our knees through the grace of friends. One day at a time. I wish I had better answers :/


    2. I should say, "only had the chance to get back on our feet through teh grace of friends." We're getting back up through our own hard work, but without those friends we might have been homeless as well as penniless.

  4. *(should end...) $9.99 might be doable.