Thursday, August 16, 2012

FB Stress

This will be brief. I find that I let Facebook stress me out way too much. There are reasons beyond my own emotional state, but you get down to it, it's me doing it. I allow the crap to affect me. So, that, said, I'm going to be trying very hard to seriously limit my Facebook time. Being addicted to it, like so many of us are, it's gonna be a challenge, but a simple 12 hours or so away from it (much of that I was sleeping) and my stress level is already lower. I'll still be there, but hopefully it will be in a very limited capacity. I'm on Twitter, which doesn't have the same affect on me, so you can follow me there, if you feel so inclined.

We'll see what happens, but between the weirdos and my own sensitivity to it, I really need to spend less time there. Plus, I'll likely get more work done.


  1. I get where you're coming from, Trent. I burned out on too much social media in the first quarter. Marketing is good, but if it takes away from writing time, there will be nothing to market. Boundaries are good. And if less FB time makes for more TZ fiction, that's really good. :-)

  2. I hear ya. I wish I had the will-power to stay away from it for more than a day. Good for you.

  3. Hey, Trent. I'll follow you on Twitter. I'm not on that one as much as Facebook, but I'll make the effort. It's good to take a break from Facebook often. I do it all the time. I hope the stress levels keep going down for you.