Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Splintered Mirage, Splintered Mirages, Splinters, Mirages--No, we won't call the whole thing off

I'm notorious for being flaky. Ask anyone. I'm punctual as all get out, but a complete and utter flake. In other words, if I say I'll be somewhere, I'll be there on time, or even early, provided I remember I'm supposed to be somewhere.

Why am I opening this post with this statement? Honestly, I'm not sure. Sometimes I simply like to admit my flaws.

So, the anthology I've been editing is finished. Every story accepted, edited, placed in the order I feel works best for the collection.

Hooray, you say?

Not quite.

This has been an ongoing project for some time. Everyone involved has seen the cover, knows the title of the anthology, and that their payment was video footage of me dry-humping a lamp. So it's gearing up to go to press, should be out in roughly five or so weeks.

Hooray, you say?

Almost.  With all I've just said, it now comes to my attention as of yesterday that the cover is "fucking awful" according to one author, and it became a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes.  A few who had said what a great cover it was suddenly said, "Yeah, it's not that great."

Okay, fine, I can easily accept that. My only real question is, why wait until it's almost ready to go to the printer?  I could be a jack-off of an editor and say, "Whatever, folks, you got the footage of me humping a lamp. I can do what I want." But I don't aspire to be a jack-off editor (and with the exception of one other anthology I've already contracted to do, may never want to be an editor again; being a jack-off is for another post). I want the author's in the collection to be happy. To have a book they can hold up proudly and say, "That's right, I'm in this muthafucka." So, doing my best to be cool and not a douche, I've agreed to other cover options, even though time is limited.

Wow, Trent, that's cool of you.

It is, or is it?

No sooner have I agreed to this when I get an email telling me to change the title of the anthology. Really? Now? I mean, very good points were made, and again, I'm not against it. Like I said, I want everyone to be happy and proud to be in the book.

This is a long way of saying, If you had a problem with these things, why didn't you mention it, four, five, ten months ago, instead of waiting until it's officially been announced? I'm not slamming anyone here. I'm just curious why it took so long for anyone to say anything.

Maybe I'll change the title to Writers Write Awesome Stories in Exchange for Footage of Trent Dry-Humping a Lamp, and have a cover that fits accordingly.

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  1. I agree with you on the changes. But oddly I just want to see you dry-humping the lamp.