Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey, manipulative publisher douchebags

If you aren't interested in my work based on its own merit, don't feed me spoonfuls of shit telling me you are, then mention how you'd love to reprint some of my father's work. It's low class as hell, I've been through it enough times. If you wanna reprint some of my father's work, contact the fucking agency that handles it. Don't try to use me. Your promises as well as your deals are shit, your marketing always sucks, based on my research, and I'm established enough that, frankly, I don't need your "help". If you are interested in my work because you like my work, cool. If you think faking interest in my work will get you somewhere with my father's stuff, the only thing it's going to do is put word out that you are a manipulative fuck (or fucks, depending). It makes me sick and would make my father sick. Sorry, but the next publisher, big, small, mid-list, who tries to pull this crap on me will get an article written about them, will be blogged and reported to the major writing organizations for poor business practice. Even some of you bigger guys who think you're immune, I hold more cards than you know. So don't fucking insult me.

And, really, if it's that important to you, treat me like a god first, make a big fucking deal about my work, buy it for real money, and publicize the shit out of it.  And even then, don't expect a fucking thing. You aren't doing me any favors. You're not helping me. You're using me. How would you feel if you really wanted to publish one of my books and I said, yeah, okay; oh, and by the way, you also should publish this book by my friend. It's his first book and he's never read a book in his life, but it'll be good for you and your company. You will have "discovered" him.

Fuck it, whatever. Just keep my father's work out of my work. We don't even write in the same genre, for fuck all's sake.


  1. You're on your way already, Trent. You don't need them. Fuck 'em. It's a new world.

  2. A friend reposted this blog on Facebook and someone went into many reasons why this was a whiny post. This was my response, answering all points the guy brought up.

    While I respect what you're saying, having the name hurts more than it helps, as a general rule. You don't necessarily have "ins", as so many people think you do. What you have is jealousies and resentments about something you were born into. Something you had no control over, while at the same time you have editors comparing you, rejecting you because they want something "more like Amber." And the things you achieve on your own are often then slammed out of jealousy, etc., with things like "Well, of course YOU can do it. You have the last name to ride on." I've sold three books under different names as well, and several short stories, but I've gotten most known for what I write under my own name. I've no issue with many of these things, but manipulative publishers (and yes, I've also worked in Hollywood, which is even worse) who don't give a fuck about you and only wanna get something else out of you is insulting. Having the name does not help. If it did, I'd be making a better living.

  3. You have a pretty awesome last name, but no one's work should be judged on the circumstances of their birth, what kind of work their father did, or their last name.

    From a reader's perspective, your work stands up perfectly well on its own merit. You're good at what you do. I hope the publishers come round to that.

  4. Robert Sheckley to me, years ago: "Your name might help you get in, but will make it harder to stay in."

    Me to my agent six months ago over lunch: "Is my last name helping or hurting me?"

    Agent: "Hurting you. No doubt about it."

  5. Great blog post, Trent. Well said. Shared.

  6. I've never read your father's works, although I do intend to. i read your works because I enjoy them. You're a damned good writer, and you always rock the universe no matter what you write. You don't even write in the same genre as your dad. You stand just fine on your own. I'm glad I found you.

  7. Thank you for all the kind words :) Yeah, this kind of crap just gets old and it's frustrating and insulting.