Thursday, April 5, 2012


Other than books (I assume well-written), what kinds of things to people like to see writers do? Or what do you wish writers would do? Yes, there are readings and signings, interviews, etc. We now often make book trailers; but what are things you would like to see more of? Giveaways? Merchandise? For all writers to be burned alive, or do crazy David Blaine type shit?

I would love to hear from both readers and writers on this. So give it a second--or don't--and tell me what you wish writers would also do, what else would cause you to want to buy a book or recommend it to a friend?

There are no wrong answers... unless I say so.


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a combination of giveaways and merch. :)

  2. Hmmm, i must confess, I am so much of a fan of your late father's Amber series, that i would drool for thee chance to read some of your work on the subject or storyline. I've read the 1st 5 books of his Amber Chronicles over a dozen times, always finding new stuff, to the point I have a highlighted copy w/notes now (which i use for the Amber ADRPG game too)
    So, I would luv to see anythng you could do on Amber or Chaos... so much to do on Chaos... i have spend a few years creating background source material myself for the game

  3. I have several friends and acquaintances who are writers (both pubbed and unpubbed), and most do giveaways for promo. BUT, what *I* like is when they talk about their actual process of writing.Just like I love that VH1 show where they show how an album was created, why they chose, say, cowbells or that particular guitar chord, etc. I don't know, but that "How did they CREATE THIS AMAZING THING" show is interesting.

    I think a sort of, "Why and how this is the opening paragraph" or why the color blue is key in the symbology or how I outline chapters and choose the villain's tics. I dunno..just that sort of stuff I find cool to know. Or how the ending changed five times, and what it almost was.

    If it's a giveaway, I tend to prefer something I can't buy --since it's easy enough to get a book. earlier draft of the work with editorial marks still on it.

    The other thing I like to see writers do is quickie critiques. I saw a few writers raise money for charity (like the Katrina relief type things). Take a few pages from someone's story or novel (a chapter of novel, a few opening pages from a story, etc), and give feedback to the fledgling writer. That's interesting to SEE. I forget the blog of an agent who routinely did that--asked for query letters and critiqued them. Asked for synopses, and critiqued them. Asked for an opening page, and critiqued it. Publicly (with the person's consent, of course."

    It's an enlightenign thing for those of us who enjoy stories. How they're made. A peek inside.

    I rambled. Sorry.