Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm angry; I'm angry
And I can tell you why.
The reason I am angry
Is that somebody made me feel very small
And all of a sudden I cried
I almost lied and said
I wasn't scared
But I was scared.
And now I'm angry.
I'm angry.

--Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
With that said, I am now beginning to consider the self-publishing route. Will I actually do it? I don't know. What I do know is I'm tired of some publishers treating me as though they're doing me a favor by blowing me off, lying to me, not bringing my books out, holding rights, or claiming they have rights they do not.  
End of quick rant.


  1. Trent, I had it up to here (saluting the bridge of my nose) with that kind of treatment over the span of 20 years. I'm self-pubbing now and it's actually paying off. If you've got any kind of following, you can do it -- and make sure your stuff gets published for money.

  2. DO it, buddy. Turn your following into an army and let the trads beg you for your new works.

  3. Yeah. I need to clear it with my agent, in case she has something going on with it, but I think I might try doing my novel Too Late to Call Texas.

  4. Barry Eisler et al would say, yes, do it.

    Be really sure to stay on top of social media and do the right pricing (I know psychologically, if a collection or novel for my Kindle is priced under 6 bucks, I tend to try all sorts of new people and take the risk, less so. And above 9.99, I tend to say, "screw that" unless it's one of my favest authors. I feel like, hey, no paper, no warehouse, no trucks to take to bookstores, no gas in said trucks, no store employees...so why is it priced like a hard copy book? It just throws me into rebellion mode and I don't wanna buy.

    Unless it's the next Dresden novel. I'll pay whatever they want cause I'm addicted.

    I suspect this will be the future trend. Might as well jump on board now, right?