Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Santa Fe Recovery Center & Fractal Despondency

Okay, there is a sale going on. As this sale is happening through April, 100 copies of Fractal Despondency sold in kindle get you TZ singing "Friday" by Rebecca Black. 200 copies and I’ll do a second song as voted by popular demand... or not. We'll put it to a vote, if the situation presents itself. Maybe we can come up with something else cool, too.

It's only $1.49.

All the money from these sales will be going to the Santa Fe Recovery Center, which provides treatment to individuals struggling with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. Recovering alcoholic myself, it's a good place for the moolah to go.



  1. I think what you're doing is wonderful, Trent, and I'll do what I can to promote it.

  2. Actually fairly decent. Looks likely that I'll be singing "Friday".