Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hate writing this and may delete it

As everybody knows, the job market these days is horrendous.  The current unemployment rate is beyond comprehension. In the past eight to ten months I’ve applied for roughly 150 jobs (this ranges from editorial jobs to McDonald’s) without snagging a single one. There are many woes to go along with this though I am also very blessed, and I won’t for a second say otherwise.  Given where my life was two years ago, or even a year ago, my life now is fan-freaking-tastic. Being jobless sucks but has been bearable with one exception, and that has been my inability to keep up with my child support payments. Before my personal and financial crash I never missed a single payment. Now, however, as I have been unable to keep up with the payments due to lack of work (I have paid when I can) I’m looking at jail time and I’m sure I’m quite rapeable.  No, my ex-wife has nothing to do with this either. In fact she asked the state NOT to pursue it, given my circumstances. Her words held no weight, however, as the system does what the system does.  It enraged me the other day to see the newspaper here announce that most people in the state of New Mexico spend no more than a week in jail for domestic violence, while I (and others) look at much longer terms for being unable to get work, but I’ll refrain from going off about that.

No, I am not asking for money. My days of shamelessness in that way are over. Interesting, as that comes at the time when that pathetic side could really maybe be quite helpful.  I merely want to ask a favor of you, and no, this is not a shameless marketing scheme either. I simply would like to ask that, if you have had the intention to buy any of my books, might you be willing to do this now? If I can come up with roughly $3,000, there is a good chance that I can get out of this mess and continue working on getting my life back in order, and continue hunting for work.  A couple of sales is all I ask, or if you know someone who might enjoy what I write, maybe you could sway them to buy a copy or ten. I’ve been selling beloved items on Amazon and Ebay (including some rare things of my father’s) but it just isn’t cutting it. My conscience gnaws at me every second for this, but I don’t see how jail is going to help me find work, or make me feel any worse than I already do. It's a numbers game with these people, and a sucky one at that.

If by chance you do care to donate, however, well, thank you, and you probably see the donation button on this blog. Sigh, and thank you again.


  1. Also, as much as I don't really want to, if there is something of my father's you're looking for, perhaps something can be worked out.

  2. Aw, man, I feel your pain. In fact, I truly wish I could help if I wasn't in a similar financial situation. That said, I'll help get the word out for you. I'll see if I can swing a token couple bucks when I get paid next, anyway. Hang in there, dude.
    (Now, just imagine that kitten "hanging in there"... "Awwwww", right? Now imagine the kitten has a jetpack and a chainsaw... may be better now.)