Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You can relate to me, fine, but I'm not writing YOUR story, folks.  I'm talking about my own neurosis and my own bullshit. Don't write me and say "You just wrote my life." Wrong answer. Are you that fucking disconnected?  I did not just write your life.  I'm writing MY fucking life.  Relate to it, yes, that is what art is, communication.  But don't be arrogant enough to think I'm actually writing about you.

Sorry, been having a lot of anger lately.

And please do not write me to ask about my dad.  I know that kind of thing can be exciting and have done it myself.  But the truth is being the son of a great writer has hurt my life a lot more than it has helped it.  Don't be ignorant and think I get published because of my fucking last name, either.  Joe Hill was wise to go by Joe Hill and not son of Stephen King.  Editors are harder on you, and when you go to conventions petty, threatened assholes try to mock you and say the only reason you're published is because of your name.  Fuck you (Mark McLaughlin comes to mind, even if that was years ago).  I'm just fucking fed up with people's dumbass judgments on my career.  Like my work or don't, it's that simple.  Treat it like you do with every other schmuck who's fucking cursed to be a writer.  We're cursed and blessed.  None of us are sitting there thinking how cool it would be to write a book.  We fucking write them because, for most of us, if we didn't, we'd be fucking dead or institutionalized.  I don't want to be a writer.  Many writers don't want to be.  The idiots who aren't writers are the ones that who arrogantly raise their hand and say, "Then why don't you stop?"  The simple answer to that is, "Because you, sir or madame, are a moron, and don't understand.  Because you, sir or madame, would not like it if I asked you, with the same arrogance, "Why dopn't you give up breathing?"

Okay, rant over... for now.


  1. Cursed and blessed, you nailed it. I think that if you're an artist, and you don't exercise (exorcise? LOL) the art, it turns on you and hurts you. Keep writing. Fuck the rest of 'em! ;-)

    I didn't want to be a writer, either (or before that, a decorative artist, my previous career. The muse takes no prisoners.


  2. I don't want your anger to go away. I want your reasons for being angry to go away. Don't let ANYONE tell you you don't write well. You rest on no laurels. You have a distinctive style all your own, probably hard won. It takes time to develop 'the voice' as I struggled to find my own writing voice. I write like me and readers familiar with me recognize my voice on the page. You have a distinctive voice on the page as well. More and more readers are finding your work worthy of attention. You kick ass, bro!