Friday, July 1, 2011

Hola and howdy.  So, Fractal Despondency is now available in paperback.  This means the old school folks (myself included) can now get their hands on an actual tangible object with my name on it and my words in it.  It is dedicated to my late fiance, Angelyn, who, as many of you know, passed away in April 2010. This novella is semi autobiographical but I won't tell you which parts.
Reviews so far have been very good.  In my humble opinion, this means you should buy it, which you can do, currently, at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  All the cool kids are buying it.  Don't you wanna be cool?

Here's what a few have said:

“Powerful and poignant; frightening and moving. A gut-wrenching allegory of self-destruction that progresses with storm force intensity from beginning to end.” Made in DNA

“Trent Zelazny is a skilled weaver of the written word. He guides you down a path of darkness and you follow willingly. His stories haunt you long after you close the book—and you always want more!”  Sarah L. Covert, She Never Slept - News and Reviews

“Obtain Trent Zelazny's Fractal Despondency. It's your only hope of escape. Break out! Read the book!”  John Shirley

Why are you still here?  Order it. Order it now!

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