Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zelacamusny with existential thought on uncorrected proofs

I don't know whether or not this world has a meaning that transcends it, but I do know that I cannot know that meaning, and that it is impossible for me just now to know it

What can a meaning outside of my condition mean? I am certain that, still, on this date, senseless to think of complaining, since nothing has decided what I feel or what I am, the question that has been tormenting me and yet not being the "one thing in my life" is not even important, because I have yet to receive uncorrected proofs for Destination Unknown.

So this is hell. I'd never have believed it. I remember being told about the fire and brimstone and the burning marl. Hogwash! There's no need for red-hot pokers. HELL IS THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY!