Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cousin Betsy and EMDR

I'm gonna take just a moment to pitch my cousin Betsy.  We had been out of touch for years and recently got in touch on FaceBook.  Despite how different our lives are, there are also similarities.  Guess that can happen when you're connected by blood--genetically, of course, not Fulci- or Tarantino-style.  She's a very talented artist and a sweet gal.  I recommend checking out her site:

Also, I have been doing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for about half a year now.  In April I lost my fiance, to suicide.  It is a very difficult thing to accept and one moment from the next you don't quite know what to do or how you feel.  EMDR is a fascinating therapy that deals with both hemispheres of the brain, and is especially good for trauma but can be helpful in many areas.  It is more and more becoming recognized as a powerful form of therapy.  If you have experienced serious trauma, or are even in therapy for watching too many Woody Allen movies, I suggest EMDR, if you get a chance.  Most people I know who do or have done it have been amazed.


  1. I've never heard of EMDR, but I'm glad it's available and that it's helping you, buddy.

  2. I did this for a year and I can't recommend it enough-it REALLY works.
    If you have had any sort of trauma or are dealing with strong emotions that don't seem to go away with 'time'-this is definitely something you should try.
    The therapist explained the way it works to me in a very simple manner..."your mind develops emotional loops surrounding traumatic events or shock, the mind stays there, stuck in this loop...EMDR disrupts and disbands this and you are able to move on."